About City

Baghpat is a town of NCR and a Municipal board in Baghpat district in western Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the administrative headquarters of Baghpat District. It is 52 KM from Meerut City and is on the main Delhi–Saharanpur Highway around 40 KM from Delhi toward north. Baghpat District was established as a separate district in 1997. Prior to becoming a district, Baghpat was a Tehsil under Meerut in western Uttar Pradesh.Occupation of the people of Baghpat is mostly Agriculture.

Why City is famous

Baraut is a multi-religious place with many Hindu Temples, Jain Temples and Mosques around. There are 32 Temples, 45 Mosques, 2 Gurudwaras and 2 churches around this region. One of the biggest temple in this area is known as Digamber Jain Bara Mandir. It is very famous and holds big importance here. On the day of Mahavir Jayanti (Birth of Bhagwan Mahavir) during month of April a three-day carnival is organised every year.


The city was originally known as ‘Vyagprastha’ - Land of Tigers (because of the population of tigers found many centuries ago). There are many versions of the story as to how the city derived it’s name.. One version states that the city’s original name was ‘Vyagprasth’, while according to another version, the city has derived its name from the Hindi word ‘Vakyaprasth’, which means place of delivering speeches. Inspired by such words and versions, the city was finally named ‘BAGHPAT’ or ‘BAGPAT’ during the Mughal Era. District Bagpat is one of the district of Uttar Pradesh. The city is located on the bank of river Yamuna.It was originally known as ‘Vyagprastha’ - Land of Tigers (because of the population of tigers found many centuries ago. Later on it was changed to Bagpat.The main commercial activity of the people living in this region is making and selling GUD and Sugar . Apart from this, there are certain units who are involved in the making of shoes and agricultural equipment’s.

Administration in Baraut

Baraut constitutes a Municipal Board which forms the local self-government in the city. The city is one of the three sub-divisions or Tehsils in Baghpat district apart from Baghpat and Khekada. Baghpat district constitutes 6 developmental blocks in which the Baraut Tehsil constitutes 3 developmental blocks namely Baraut, Binauli and Chhaprauli. The city belongs to Meerut administrative division of Uttar Pradesh.

Distance between Baghpat and Baraut

The total straight line distance between Baghpat and Baraut is 17 KM (kilometers) and 900 meters. The miles based distance from Baghpat to Baraut is 11.1 miles. This is a straight line distance and so most of the time the actual travel distance between Baghpat and Baraut may be higher or vary due to curvature of the road .